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Strategic advertising, public affairs, and issues management.



McMullen Public Affairs (MCMPA) is a full service advertising and corporate public affairs firm. Our professional team has a proven track record of implementing successful advertising, alliance development, corporate communications, predictive data analytics, and strategic consulting solutions necessary to navigate the most challenging business and public policy environments.


McMPA develops campaigns in the most challenging business, public policy, and communications environments. To effectively customize client projects, McMPA manages our extensive team of advertising, public policy, and other experts for each campaign.


Professional expertise and proven results are what we deliver. Our determined focus on relationships, innovation, technology, and a fresh customized approach enables our clients to achieve success. McMPA has the nation's top Fortune 500 corporations, entrepreneurs, national foundations and associations among our clients.

For decades, McMPA’s expertise in public policy has served a range of clients including Fortune 500 corporations, entrepreneurs, and business associated organizations.


McMullen Public Affairs develops issues and communications campaigns in the most challenging public policy and communications environments.


Industry, business, and policy leaders rely on our knowledge of federal, state, and local issues for planning economic development opportunities.


Our firm excels in developing superior customized teams with broad public policy experience.


Our advertising production team has produced award winning national ad campaigns for Fortune 500 corporations, small business, and others looking for quality and timely multimedia ad campaigns.

Ed McMullen


Ed has a 31-year career in public policy, politics and business.  He is currently President of McMullen Public Affairs, with offices in Columbia, Charleston and Washington DC.  McMPA is a corporate public relations and advertising firm, with an emphasis on marketing, advertising and public affairs issues.  Through his tenure at the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C.

Cameron Marshall

Project Director

Cameron’s expertise in public affairs specializes in alliance development, messaging and communications on a range of issues affecting state and federal public policy. Cameron has experience with state campaign issues management and fundraising in the Commonwealth of Virginia and South Carolina. He has expertise in 3rd party coalition building as well as grassroots/grass tops organization.

Jake Koferl

Data & Market Research Analyst

As McMullen Public Affairs’ Data and Market Research Analyst, Jake brings expertise in economic development and data analytics. Jake has extensive experience in data analysis, polling, marketing research and social media targeting.  Jake oversees McMPA’s extensive data analytics programs for national clients, Fortune 500 corporations, and medium sized businesses.


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McMullen Public Affairs, LLC
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